Dental Flipper | A Temporary Bonding Solution?

Before we start discussing Dental flippers, you really should know what a flipper is and then what your options are. When we miss one or more than one tooth, your dentist makes temporary false teeth and fixes it in to you mouth; it may be one or more mouth pieces. This or these temporary teeth are what are known as a flipper. Dentists fix those temporary teeth to take the place of the missing ones. These teeth are specially molded to match the other patient`s teeth.

After attaching your flipper, you may feel slight pain on those teeth where the metal hook has been attached. This is normal, so dont fret, it should subside. But if the pain continues then you should consult your doctor again.

Adult Dental Flipper teeth solutionsThese are not as expensive when compared to the cost of permanent teeth. For a single missing tooth these work fine. Costs actually depend on whom you are going to have make them. In USA it cancost from $100 to $2500 per piece of tooth.

As we know these are only temporary teeth so we have to be a little careful while using them. We can eat with them however without worry. But we better not give too much pressure on the flipper. That may cause harm on both temporary and normal teeth. There are no precautions required when taking on consistent amounts of liquid, even with high temperature with these types of teeth. It is in fact advised that people should submerge it in warm water regulalry to keep them permeable.

flippers are made with acrylic. To make it, dentists will first take your mouth’s impression. Then they will pour it with moulding plaster cast. Then the cast will be send to a lab with a prescription, where your tooth color will be noted and coorindated. For your upper teeth, a pink plate will be molded to fit in your mouth. If you can make little extra cost then wires with little ball ends can be attached to secure the position off the false teeth.

If you don’t want traditional acrylic flipper, then you can try Valplast flipper. These are much more flexible.

These flippers are given to a person for temporary use. But many people use it for years. This is not healthy for your gum. After years these might be break easily. Even people had to remove it while taking meal.

When any of your tooth lost or pulled out for damage or decay or disease, the gums and underlying bones need six weeks to six month to take any fixed solution (depends on which method are you going to apply). Because teeth lose naturally cause effects on gum and bone structure in jaw. So, this condition effects on permanent tooth fitting. That’s why flipper teeth important. It will pure the whole in your teeth and help you chewing and taking meal. And of course will help you to talk properly, while you are waiting for your permanent teeth solution.

These temporary teeth devices (don’t require dental bonding) help you also in your oral health. It helps to protect your bone lose for weeks. Also help to stop your other teeth shifting as a space created after your teeth lose. It also protects you from any damage where your teeth are missing. So, though it is temporary but it’s a very important part of your mouth.

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